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Devine Intervention

Before I get started let me establish my bias.



From right to left: That’s me, the rapper, a good friend of mine/rapper, rapper’s brother, and a good friend of rapper at the album release party for Devine Intervention. Not only did I get a picture, but I even got a shout out in the thank you section! I am hip hop! LOL

Check out the album at: http://devinecarama.com/music/

Now then. Where was I? …Devine Carama is Lexington’s best lyricist and unfiltered talent (no disrespect to Sheisty Khrist, $tarks, Young Lord, etc.),yet with all of that talent it has been a struggle for him to get an album released. But so far 2009 has been a good year and Devine has released his first album titled Devine Intervention.

The majority of the problem for Devine had been exposure. Being an artist from Lexington with very little national recognition unfortunately restricts the ability for Devine’s music to intervene in more lives (see what I did there?). Devine is signed with Digital 859 and is giving Lexington a reputable name to call it’s own. A new attention the change music is undergoing has directed Devine towards a personal website and more web content/info allowing the freness and unlimited space of the internet to play as an invaluable marketing tool. I think ’09 is Devine’s year so hopefully the audience and the reach of his music will expand.

Complexity plagues Devine, because right now lyrics definitely aren’t hot. The “lyricists” that are hot have the simplest rhymes schemes, metaphors, and concepts, over a hot beat garnishing the lean cuisine. I’m used to eating good so I can only get so much nutrition from the junk food rap coming out right now. I remember when I first listened to Devine. It was a miracle I even played the disc, because 9 out of 10 local artists I have heard suck. And not just suck like terrible but suck like get them off the planet for thinking this needs to be heard by anyone. When I listened I was shocked and amazed. I didn’t get it, it was difficult to listen to… and I liked that. Even on the highest level you rarely get music that makes you think so having Devine to listen to was welcome. With  robust lyrics, boasting hip hop centric production, slightly more than superficial topics and real life struggles, I became hooked to the music.

My first thought of “wtf is a Devine Carama, does this dude not have spell check?” I have since found out that he does indeed lack spell check, but that has nothing to do with the name which is both fitting and relevant. After finding out what the name Devine Carama stood for I became a fan of the artist as a person. Devine stands for pure, clean, and righteous and Carama is the African word for teacher. We need a shepherd to deliver us from the evils of the record industry, mass media and commercialism that has watered down the art that is hip hop.

“I want the positive message within my music to serve as a Devine Intervention musically for the fans and supporters of hip hop that think the game is in bad shape… to be that ray of hope on a dark day.” –Devine Carama

As far as the album goes, I won’t say much about the album other than it’s great. The lyrics as always are impeccable, but for the first time I really feel a balance when it comes to the tracks. If you listen to Devine’s mixtapes you can really relate, but you never get the sense that he is really happy. That has totally changed with Devine Intervention, and will hopefully carry foorward with future projects. I love the features of Cole and Courtney Campbell, and as always L dot Dollars ($tarks) productions are stand-out nice. Devine Intervention and Victory are my favorite tracks, both feature unique beats and show off different aspects of Devine’s repertoire. Even though at times the album feels a little mixtapey and a little redundant, this is a very solid album. Think of an NBA player like Michael Finley or Jerry Stackhouse–way above average, demonstrating the ability to play with the best, but not quite hall of fame level. That said, best believe Devine will make some hall of fame music. Overall I give it an 8.75 out of 10.

Here’s a track listing with the impressive tracks, according to me, in bold. You can stream the entire album here:

  1. The Alpha
  2. Devine Carama
  3. Groundhog Day
  4. Times Have Changed
  5. Space Ship
  6. Devine Intervention
  7. Soulstar
  8. We Are Royalty featuring Courtney Campbell (I don’t really like this track, but everybody sees it as a banger… go figure)
  9. The Meaness
  10. Amerikkka’s Nightmare
  11. Change
  12. Baba Nam Kevelam
  13. Paradise’s Purpose featuring Cole and Courtney Campbell
  14. Family Matters
  15. My Favorite Girls
  16. Oooh Baby
  17. Victory
  18. The Omega

I didn't make it up... Wesley got a shout out! LOL

You can also check out the rest of Devine’s website with all of the bells and whistles including a blog, bio, videos, and more! http://devinecarama.com/


P.S. I was not paid to do this… although I should have been. LOL

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