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More commercial humor

I’ve give up on the one word titles… not because I ran out of words, but I don’t think it really helps anything and after a while its highly redundant… Anyways, here is the most hilarious commercial I have seen in a long time (as in something that I saw this weekend that was ultra funny):

I’m hoping some chauvinistic caveman came up with the concept for this commercial because if a woman came up with this, the feminist movement was set back quite a ways. Or maybe it is some ingenious display of feminism in a way that I simply don’t understand… because comparing a feminine trimmer to hedge clippers is a great way to preach feminism.

Now I don’t want to comment too much on this for various moral reasons, but if this is how we advertise things these days I really need to get in a time machine and go back to the days when visible ankle skin was too much. OK maybe that a little rough, but I swear there is way too much innuendo on TV and I know it affects the children… I don’t think pre-pubescent girls need such a commercials as an example, but what do I know? I wonder what Sofia would do?

She's back!!!!

…hmmm. Anyways, I though this was a good share and I plan on doing smaller posts with more random stuff like this commercial.

Oh yeah–omebody needs to tell the creator of the commercial that it’s ’09 Barack won… no more Bush 🙂


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