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Some good video

If you have a few minutes check this out. It’s a short film by Joe Nussbaum entitled George Lucas in Love:

…if only that’s how the creation of Star Wars, went down. Oh what a story that would be! Imagine George Lucas really having a sister that he fell in love with… that would be even worse than Jerry Lee Lewis gettin’ it on with his first cousin.

UK Student Services Director Rhonda Strouse recommended that I watch a short film called The Lunch Date, but unfortunately it was not available on the internet. She ordered the DVD Cinema 16: A Compilation of American Short Films, featuring the likes of Andy Warhol, Tim Burton, Gus Van Sant, George Lucas, and other apparently big names I don’t recognize, also considered great directors. Here is the Lunch Date… interestingly enough it’s back on youtube…:

This is a great video, not too much dialogue, but is the culmination of culture and cinematography in the purest most simple form. Does that even make sense? I just strung a bunch of words together…maybe somebody will like it.

I had the DVD for about a week and a half longer than I had asked to borrow it so I burrowed through its contents to get some new film perspective. A few of the videos were artsy, some were funny, and the Warhol joint was well… Warholish. I’m taking a film class right now so this was a little glimpse into the world of film outside of the recommendations of my professor.

I recommend that if you get the time, check out some of the great shorts and indepent films floating around the internet and in your local video stores. You may discover an unique perspective, or stumble across some oddly entertaining piece of cinema that will change your life forever.
OH WOW! I almost forgot. The DVD featured this:

Terry Tate Office Linebacker

Now I’m Done


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