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Today, I need a pick me up. So today less words more pictures. There’s quite a few things on here so click after the first picture of President Obama.

If you don’t know, I spend a lot of time on the internet, and I stumble across/get sent some funny stuff. Check out a few things that have popped up recently:


I got this picture from a friend who knows lots of Republicans. LOL

Keeping in line with politics, here is a picture somebody emailed me from way back in 2008, during the pre-Obama America:


Billy J airballed the Hillary, Barack nailed it, and everybody walked way looking awkward. Looks like no love lost in that marriage:

Barack Obama, being the long-legged mack daddy that he is, ain’t sweatin’ Hilary. He’s got Obama girl and the 54 DD’s!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I don’t know how that minister thought it was a good idea to put that awkwardness up on youtube.

In considerably similar awkwardness (at least to me), watch the Runners work on the theme song for America’s Most Wanted. (The Runners are hip hop producers that make the same beat over and over again earning big time fame, notoriety, and obviously money.)

For whatever reason that the concept of The Runners working with John Walsh to create a theme song for a show about criminals and the video being on youtube is bizzare to me… but hey that’s the way things work in 2009. Ironically, the show is about catching criminals, and the Runners are one of the primary producers for Officer Rick Ross.

Next, I’ll turn to Reckless Tortuga, one of my favorite channels on youtube for a video about dating:

Funny how we react to certain things… especially rejection.

Speaking of reactions, this model nearly broke her ankles several times, but that isn’t the funny reaction:

The news anchor couldn’t stop laughing and neither could I!

Lastly, we have this:

The original picture/video is hilarious because the little kids are going crazy for Jesus, taken from the movie Jesus Camp (thanks Spanky). When I was that young I didn’t cry about anything and the only thinks I got that amped up for were animated. That .gif is an advertisement for Cam’ron, a “unique” rapper that has been off the scene for a while now, and it is just plain hilarious. Oh the joys Photoshop brings!

I guess it’s back to work or something. I hope these random pictures and videos, old and new, tickled your fancy. That is a really funny term btw.


  1. Rob Baker
    03/28/2009 at 2:14 am

    HAHAHA man i remember when I first saw that Killa Cam gif. He keeps releasing crappy singles trying to get his fanbase back. At least he’s funny, Juelz is just garbage.

    And that Hillary gif is messed up. Barack got that on lock.

  2. panall2
    03/28/2009 at 11:04 am

    love it…

    oh, and my blog is on lockdown for posting Mario…wack

  3. 03/30/2009 at 6:16 am

    @ Rob… yeah Cam is absolutely hilarious. I heard Caveman and literally thought the world was going to end. And yeah Barack is that dude.

    @ TP I dont get it. lockdown for posting Mario? what does that mean? and how did you import that N.A.S.A. video in its original form? I was gonna put that in there, but I hate using Vodpod

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