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Goodbye Billy Clyde…

Two posts today! So check the one about Tiger and Kobe, but don’t forget to read this one!

So University of Kentucky Men’s Head Basketball Coach, Billy Gillispie got fired this past weekend. If you follow the blog you’ll know I lambasted Billy G in an honest, yet scathing assessment of his lackluster coaching and his inability to act as a human towards others. I got some feedback, both positive and negative which got me to thinking and talking…

A few days later, I had this conversation with some people where we started talking about how he had to go. The people I spoke with to are older they really emphasized the tradition at UK and the utter lack of commitment to said tradition/responsibilities Billy G showed. Somehow the conversation veered towards Gillispie’s general infidelity to UK and utter train wreck of a personal life and right there it clicked that most of the problem is as simple as this: Billy G has no friends.

Whenever I hear stories of Gillispie out at expensive butt Sal’s or accounts of the coach drinking at a bar, he is always alone (save for an allegedly hot young blond driver that keeps him out of trouble). Thus, when I hear about him being a completely ridiculously unsavory individual as a coach and employee I am not at all surprised. Nobody is happy without friends, and that will show through in your work undoubtedly.

Here is a little exposé summing up the on some of the things Billy G accomplished during his early success and unexpected/undeserved firing at UK. Can you smell the sarcasm. Thanks to Taylor’s Twitter feed for that one.

Basically he was the King of the Douches and alienated his players, boosters, fans, bosses, etc. & etc.; you name them he pissed them off. And I think a lot of that comes from not having a really solid support group within Big Blue Nation to help him out–you know, like a friend to be like “hey Bill–what you just said, not a good idea.” Or maybe one of his boys would have said something like “Yo B.C., dude… You just can’t go f’ing with everybody like that, I’m just saying…”

Anyways, the search is on and UK fans want to get it right this time. Apparently no coach is out of the realm of possibility in their minds, even though some of the guys on the list literally would have to be insane to take this job. Here is Rick Pitino’s take on the whole thing:

Thanks Andy for that one. I tend not to agree with Rick Pitino about anything but the physical conditioning of a basketball player, but I think I will add this to the list.

I am not from Kentucky, nor am I a huge Kentucky fan. To me if I were a player there are a lot of teams I would consider on the same level, and even ahead Kentucky. If I were a coach there are at least five, maybe more, programs I would go to before I would think about taking this job. In fact, as far as results go, there is another school in this very state looking to put UK in second place in Kentucky, and they are doing a good job at it.

The fact is on a national level and with the kids these days, there are many more options than Kentucky. So you need somebody like a Travis Ford or John Pelphrey to communicate and draw in players because of the whole Kentucky pride thing… at least thats how I would approach it. I know that no matter how hard I will try, I cannot grasp what it is to “bleed blue”.

I am going to make a serious effort to coming as close as I can, but it wont be the same as someone who when cut leaves royal blue stains on their clothes. So yeah, get a Kentucky guy in here and you will be straight UK… well that and fire Mitch Barnhart, but that’s neither here nor there.

The point is, if you want something done right, you do it right the first time you don’t have to fire a guy after two years. Personally, I hope they go after Jay Wright, we could trade fashion tips. (He is in the Final Four, so he can coach and he is in GQ’s Fashionable Four:

Gotta love a white guy coaching in a 3-piece suit.


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