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Tiger and Kobe

Let me tell you why Kobe is the best player in the NBA. And not just because of this:


If you followed the Arnold Palmer Invitational at all this weekend, you’ll know that Tiger Woods started the final round five shots back after. Going into Sunday down five with only 18 holes to go is a pretty tough go for most any golfer, but for Tiger it was just another day at the office. It is worth noting that Sean O’Hair, a very talented golfer played well, posted his highest (the higher the worse in golf) round of the event, relinquishing three shots to Tiger due to his own play. But Tiger nailed a putt which was nowhere easy… Under that pressure most golfers fold. Sean O’Hair had to play with Tiger all day, and it definitely caught up with him probably causing him to fold away those three shots. Don’t get it twisted though. Tiger took it. He is in a world of his own:

What does this have to do with Kobe? Well its like this, when the game is on the line other players tense up and try to make things happen because they know Kobe is coming. Never doubt the intimidation factor of an athlete like Tiger or Kobe, because there is no hesitation when they step up to 15 foot birdie puts or game winning jumpers. There are the Phil Mickelson’s and Lebron James’ running around, but at the end of the day who’s hand do you want the ball in?

Game Time

Game Time

Yep, game time.


  1. 03/30/2009 at 12:02 pm

    Yeahhh I saw that shot live it was amaazing. and wasn’t he tired as hell/sick or something? go lakers!

  2. 03/30/2009 at 1:14 pm

    yeah he was sick. flu like… Lamar Odom played the game of his life and Kobe gave LeBron the “you know I’m better than you” fadeway

  3. Youre an Idiot
    04/02/2009 at 10:17 am

    Equating LeBron to Phil? Idiotic.

  4. 04/02/2009 at 11:47 am

    Spanky, humor me for a second. Who in the golf world is comparable to Tiger? Adam Scott, Ty Tryon, Sergio Garcia, Retief Goosen, Paddy Harrington, Vijay Singh, Geoff Ogilvy, Justin Rose, Louis Oosthuizen… I mean seriously. Since you’re so smart give me a better comparison in golf and I will write an entire post about how you are smarter than anyone I have ever met.

    Phil is number two to Tiger’s #1 and that’s really all it means. I am not making an argument as to differences in talent… It is merely a 1 vs 2 comparison.

    Now then. Take a nap. Down boy.

  5. Youre an Idiot
    04/02/2009 at 2:29 pm

    LeBron > Kobe.

    I’m not gonna start an argument because I know that you have a man crush on Kobe and it will go nowhere. So this is all I have to say. The 6’9, 250 lb monster who now has a jump shot and is one of the 10 best perimeter defenders in the league is better than Bean. Sorry.

  6. 04/02/2009 at 8:22 pm

    again… its a 1 vs 2 simple as that. When Kobe wins the title this year and after he gets another MVP when the Lakers edge out the Cavs for best record in the league I’m gonna need you to remember this. LeBron is indeed a 6’9 monster, but right now I take Kobe and so does most of the sane world…

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