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Not quite so funny, but still funny

Previously (as in earlier today) on WhatWouldWesleyDo: Amazing!

I normally post commercials I find funny, but today in honor of reality and acknowledging that not everything on TV reaks of hilariousness, I am posting a couple bad commercials. Don’t worry, they I’ll put some good ones on here too.

I’m sure someone thinks these two spots are funny–their brains don’t work, but hey, that’s on them. Here is the first of the two:

LeBron isn’t the first and won’t be the last with the chalk. I love how the chalk is his thing now though. This is really bad, but that’s not as bad a Kobe’s:

I literally would lose all respect for Kobe if he actually compared championships to chocolate chip cookies like that. That was a disturbingly unmanly caricature of Kobe… he should sue. Seriously, no NBA player is going to be that _ _ _ _ _ (not sure what word I’m looking for, but it’s totally unmasculine, poorly sarcastic and utterly lacking humor… that’s the kind of thing 9 year old girls do to their older brothers when they get birthday money). I’m not sure if I am more offended at that, the horrible championship (known as chip in the hood)/chocolate chip cookie comparison, or the fact that neither puppet sounds anything like either person…

Since LeBron and Kobe both speak well, I’m gonna say the latter. They may not always sound like they do in post game interviews, but neither of them talk like that, and by that I mean like loud-mouthed, trash-talking black fools. If this were realistic, Kobe’s trash talk would be profusely profane and LeBron would probably just have fun with it. Lame.

Now here is what Nike was aiming for:

Griffey for President and Lil’ Penny… notice the difference? Chris Rock does the voice and he is known as a comedian that confronts race, which makes the situation totally different, plus the commercials are funny. How about a couple more:

Look at how everything just stopped for Penny, who suffered from a series of unfortunate injuries that basically ended his career (I have a post about injuries coming very soon!).

Terrible quality I know, but if you look closely you’ll see Lil’ Penny brought out all the stars, Tiger, Tyra, even Urkel!

In that one NBC let Lil’ Penny introduce the Eastern Conference Finals. If you don’t know about the impact Round Ball Rock and the NBA on NBC, please politely exit stage right and jump off a cliff.

And finally that’s Lil’ Penny taking a siesta after a night of partying.

Yes, a lot of the humor comes from the nostalgia, but there is something about Lil’ Penny that was novel and creative–Kobe and LeBron puppets, not so much.


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