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Just a Game

Previously on WhatWouldWesleyDo: NBA Playoffs

I picked up on this song by the Kickdrums —Just A Game, after Joell Ortiz did a remix of it a while back and it was good enough for me to download the original version of the song with just the Kickdrums.I hope they turn down the volume of the beat a little before the album drops June 2, but it’s still a good song and video. They made a video to it, and I must say I like, so I’ll share:

Vodpod videos no longer available.

Pretty cool concept. It’s innovative, well executed and not too cliche… very nice indeed Rik Cordero, way to show us that its all just a game.

Speaking of games the NBA playoffs have been great. Everybody except the Cavs supporting cast, George Karl,  and J.R. Smith’s/Kenyon Martin’s basketball smarts have showed up and showed out. I especially have enjoyed Kobe and Carmelo… I mean wow 40 for Kobe and 39 for Melo…

I just hope I don’t miss any action over the weekend. I’ll be travelling with Tarrman and some slightly more than strangers to Tennessee for the weekend. Actually the peeps ain’t strangers, we know each other from Spring Break 2008, and no, not like that. We participated in a community service trip, from which and I guess we really connected with each other and the area as a whole, so we are going back for  the weekend to do something or other; I’m not exactly sure what, I just know I have been jumping at every chance to leave Kentucky for even a day as of late… Anyways, here’s what I wrote about the experience, which may give you some idea as to why I am going back or at leats give you some idea as to how much I have improved as  a writer between now and then.

I’ll try to get some stuff in before the long weekend and I definitely hope you enjoy the video and the weekend as well. Hmmm. I must be in a good mood, better ride this out…


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