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Why the world is so screwed up

Yesterday on WhatWouldWesleyDo: Can’t say I didn’t see this one coming… & Kanye’s at it again.

Ever since I have paid attention to news reports about the oil industry there has been shady business going on. Whether it be wars waged over oil or record breaking profits that have occurred seemingly since gas became as expensive as college tuition, shady business has been going on constantly. I don’t drive so I really don’t feel the brunt of this, but I can imagine the pleasantness of driving is getting sideswiped by the increasing cost of fuel these days.

Ironically, gas prices weren’t really that bad until I worked at a gas station… at least that’s when it got out of control. People would ask me for hookups, customers would complain about pennies on the dollar, and don’t let the pump have a broken readout, otherwise I would be mandated by some unwritten law to give the customer courtesy gas… all while gas companies made billions and billions of dollars, right in everybodys collective face.

Well now that the economy is bad gas prices are going up. Why?

Because we have plenty of oil, demand is weak and gas apparently doesn’t follow normal supply and demand laws (News story from Time/Yahoo!). That’s some ol’ BS, and its stupid that what got us into this recession, people with money are still off of people without money for a necessary commodity, is the reason we are in the recession. I’m not against capitalism (necessarily) or people making profits, but when BILLIONS of dollars go to a few people and the rest are left to split up substantially less money between substantially more people, I have a problem. And please, let’s not say, well they work harder or they earn it, causes that my friends makes you dumb if you believe that crap.

The only thing dumber than that is the woman at (1:13) and the guy at (2:34):

Vodpod videos no longer available.

^^^^This was in response to Obama’s call for new fuel standards last week, taken from Politico. Now, Obama’s fuel standards are nice, because after all we need a change. However I am a cynic by nater for certain things, and I find it hard to believe that companies that haven’t changed for years and years are going to meet these standards by 2016. Nine times out of 10 there is some provision that allows said rule to be broken provided such and such happens, and if not there will be a deal under the table or something. Wow, that is cynical… but now you know how I view the issue and that’s all that matters, right?


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