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Death of the Autotune/Gold Chains

Previously on WhatWouldWesleyDo:Nike+LeBron+Kobe+puppets+child=great commercial and Some cool science.

I took a break for a week and a day. Not sure why, I just kinda haven’t been feeling the internet lately, and between Kobe winning #4, Bleach, and going home for the weekend I have been pretty much not using the internet like normal. But when I got back yesterday, I felt the sever internet withdraw and had to catch up on about a weeks worth of certain things and weekends. And the first thing I did after downloading Death of the Autotune (Download before it goes away again!)was listen to/watch this:

That’s Blame It on the Autotune from Jay Smooth and Illdoctrine.com. Pretty funny when you actually listen to the song.

Now that Jay-Z shook up the world with his new single Death of Autotune, I started wondering what will happen when the music industry’s army of evil robots decide to fight back? This is my vision of that apocalyptic future. Footage taken from this cool homemade video and a few other places..

NOTE: this video is by no means meant as an endorsement of autotune usage (or of Jamie Foxx’s creepy borderline date rape lyrics).  — Jay Smooth

While I was visiting the blog I clicked on the most recent post where Jay showed clips from a Mike Jones about having his chain jacked, and then his subsequent commentary following the event:

Now I must say this takes me back to when I had a chain. I mean I was the ish, you couldn’t tell me nothing. It’s fair to add that the chain was probably (definitely) fake, way too small considering it was 20 inches around and my neck was about 15 1/2 inches around, and never got cleaned properly… I don’t even remember what happened to that thing, but man was I fly. I guess I say all that to say that I see why people love chains so much, I didn’t even have a good one and it was the dopest thing ever!

On the other hand, I think it’s kinda funny how Mr. Jones, who, Mike Jones, was so serious and sincere about how it all went down, but still is going to cop another chain. LIke Jay Smooth said, after having that go down, don’t you learn your lesson? Last year Young Berg got his chain jacked like 17 times, and it was said that his chain went on tour without him… well if Mr. Berg were smart, he would just take the insurance money and go buy something that people can’t so easily steal and save himself the embarassment. Or he could do like Tyga does with money and take the insurance payout and eat it… literally (go to 3:27 to see it).

Before I go, here is another song: The Cool Kids — Gold Chain off the The Cool Kids Gone Fishing Mixtape, hosted by DJ Don Cannon. I guess that aptly titled track had to make this post… its amazing how gold chains are still so popular these days, I wonder if the autotune will ever get that popular, now that Jay-Z killed it?


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