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Pharrell and I agree!

Previously on WhatWouldWesleyDo: Death of the Autotune/Gold Chains

Update: Curtis (50 Cent) agrees too. Check here at Nahright to see get a snippet and then click here for the full interview for more context. I’m not so sure I like (F-1)50 face agreeing with me, though. Especially since he probably is the biggest culprit of this sales over everything change he’s ugly and people say that I look like him.

So I have been just observing a lot lately when I have been on the internet and I’ll share a couple of videos I stumbled across in the Nahright.com world featuring Pharrell Williams of N.E.R.D. and 1/2 of the Neptunes, and his opinion on music today, the industry, perception, marketing, career paths, etc. Pretty insightful stuff. Here’s the first one, where he specifically tackles Susan Boyle:

In Pharrell’s words the problem is the packaging and the gimmickness that goes along with the music. We need artists not people that look good, have a huge marketing budget and get it poppin’ in the clubs… I’m just sayin’.

But Pharrell didn’t stop dropping gems there:

That said, he’ll probably sign Universal under Young Money, but that’s where the game is going.

My big issue with music that the people don’t know what is going on, and are so susceptible to the tricks of the industry that they think utter crap is the truth and great music is stagnant, boring, BS. I would agree that I don’t want to be standing in Two Keys deciphering intricate lyrics with a member of the opposite sex over drinks, but I also don’t want to have my brain flooded with mind-rotting, substance lacking, filler music all the time. I can think of many analogies like needing a balanced diet or being a jack of all trades, but all that does is get people on the defensive. So I’ll just say that there’s more to life than really, really ridiculously good club music and I intend on finding out what that is.

On a serious note, who knew Pharrell was so insightful? He literally in like 7 minutes of talking gave sound artistic advice.

I wonder if anybody was listening…


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