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Charles Hamilton the loser

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Some people never get it and thus they fail. As the title says, Charles Hamilton is the loser, not a loser–he hasn’t dropped that far–yet, but the loser. In the latest episode of Charles Hamilton’s Loserville meets Faillsfall, USA, Hamilton lists hip hop producer James Yancey aka Jay Dee aka Dilla Dawg aka J. Dilla as a posthumous executive producer of his album, causing him to take another immense L.

The only guy that lost worse than CH this week was Andre Rison and his personal Hall of Fame.

Actually, loser of the week may go to Tim Donaghy… after all you can’t roll over on a bunch criminals cooperate with the feds and expect not to at least have a minor assault attempt on you… but at least it wasn’t rape.

But this is about Charles Hamilton. I’ll start off with his personal greatest fails done by Complex magazine (Marc [Milecofsky] Ecko of Ecko Unlimited, second best brand to Nike) in their blog. Here is a video on the latest, most dubious situation from the perspective of DJ House Shoes, of Detroit fame:

I ain’t from Detroit, but I understand that there is a lot of blatant disrespect when you invoke the name of a deceased individual as an album producer without ever having met said individual, his family, or his non-spiritual being. He got so disrespectful to the point where the deceased individuals mother spoke on the situation… and she wasn’t happy.

This next video is good ol’ Jay Smooth calling for us to push the ignore button on everything of Charles Hamilton, minus the music.

I don’t know about the psychoanalysis, but he definitely is on point with keeping everything Charles out of our lives. I personally don’t care what he and most other celebrities do. Occasionally a celebrity comes along that I actually follow what they do. Now that I have twitter and Youtube for when they choose to let me into their lives I’m OK. But some “celebrities” put wayyyy too much of their lives on the internet and people like Charles Hamilton are examples of when the internet goes bad:

He made himself a walking joke with all of the Sonic the Hedgehog stuff, which was bad enough. But then he continues to set himself up for failure by running his mouth and posting the outcomes of it on the internet. I wouldn’t be LMAO @ this .gif if he just kept it to himself. Apparently he was that kid that really took to kindergarten’s sharing message.

I think there has to be an etiquette book for what is and isn’t acceptable to do and post on the internet. I love the internet to death, but it is getting filled with too much crap and is ruining peoples lives, literally.


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