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Bill meet Joan

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Really quick, I randomly stumbled across this morning when going to listen to Slaughterhouse on Rosenberg Radio (which I point out because the world acts like hip hop is ignorant and narrowly focused). It’s Bill O’Reilly looking more cowardly and generally more  snake-like than normal going up against Joan Walsh of Salon.com.

If you didn’t follow the story here is a story following the arrest of the suspect for a little background.

Now I don’t know too much about Joan Walsh, she could be the female Dick Cheney, but for now she is my hero for being able to point out that O’Reilly and his hate mongering fosters an environment that makes it OK to kill someone for practicing legal medicine.

No matter what side you fall on with the abortion debate, there is no justification for killing someone to stop abortions, because the murder is an abortion of the victims life. Not to mention, the doctor is performing a legal procedure, deemed acceptable in the specific state in which doctor practices.

I have no problem with conservatives. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, I come out conservative on a lot more issues than people would expect, especially abortion. And even though I disagree with Joan Walsh’s perspective for the most part, NOBODY wins from this situation. But this isn’t about abortion, it’s about a guy that goes on air and incites hate:

During the video above he said something to effect of people calling him out for his speech when liberals do the same thing. I will agree that liberals throw similar criticisms but the only time I have ever seen a liberal so vehemently angry since this:

and even then, it was pointed at one particular person and didn’t berate Clinton as a person, but the specific situation… Maybe people will look at Bill O’Reilly for the scum that he “exposing” someone for doing their legally protected job… do you think he goes after war mongers and gun criminals the same? Doubt it.


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