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Change and consistency

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I know… the half of the post title wreaks of overdramatic major life altering moves, but all that’s happened is I have gotten a bit of a “promotion.” Essentially until school starts I will be sitting behind a desk with only the internet to entertain me. I get to play the role of a now un-pregnant woman as the staff support to the department chair and wear my big boy pants to work! Yay!

You might be thinking ‘Wesley, its the internet and the only hetero normative love we have ever heard you utter, besides for Sofia Vergara is for the totally imaginary and creepily asexual internet.’ And I would agree, I love the internet, but there is something about browsing the internet on the clock that I just don’t really vibe with.

I had to throw one in... sorry!

I had to throw one in... sorry!

In my former capacity, I counted time as I actually worked. If I took time to be on the internet, I wasn’t getting paid for it. I feel like there should be a separation between work and play at least to the point where you aren’t being paid to blog or ruin your life through the computer screen.

So my only option, other than working of course, is the internet right?

Well not quite. I need to read, I need to write, I need to learn, and I get my life in order, so I may consider doing some of that. It won’t be an abuse, because honestly I know very few professionals that are always on task. I suppose that’s what you go to school for or get in good with the man for, so that you don’t really have to work that hard.

WSA (Wesley’s Service Announcement): To all the kids out there, office work crushes physical labor. Yes it’s less mentally taxing to get a hard days work in… but if you want to be lazy and make good money doing it, get a degree, buy a white oxford, starch the collar and eat your cheese sandwich at lunch.

The change isn’t all bad. I’ll have some much needed consistency added to my life. I HAVE to be at work by 9:30. (I hadn’t had a problem getting to work all summer, but with no motivation to get up some days bedtime was five or six in the morning with wake up calls at noon.) Come to think of it, minus bouncing in and out of school the only thing that has been consistent over the past two years is my job, which fittingly is adding another dimension of consistency… now if only it paid more.

For whatever reason consistency has been on my mind–mostly out of jealousy. I was talking about this the other day with my bestest friend in the whole wide world Alise, and I came to the conclusion that either I am doomed to have an insecure, unstable life or all of the happiness I see around me is fake and contrived. I don’t know, but if I can maybe hammer down the consistency thing, I can at least have a better idea of what it is I’m missing.

From blogging to keeping up with friends, I am probably the least consistent person I know and I have either neglected dealing with this problem or blamed it on other people/outside factors, far too long, thus it must stop. So the change at the job will embark me down a path towards normalcy.

God bless made up words, terrible syntax and misuse of words… wait, I’m consistent with that too… oh and writing about stuff nobody cares about. Ha


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