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Rest In Peace Michael Jackson

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I’ll admit it, I’m not a huge Michael Jackson fan. Actually for that matter, I’m really not much of a fan of celebrities in general, save maybe some athletes and a few other random musicians, politicians, an actor or two, and some intellectuals. While I’m not an obsessive fan, I see why his death is so tragic and so heartbreaking.

He literally shut down the internet. Edit: Oh and apparently the radio has been shut down too.

Now regardless of what comes out, be it an unknown medical condition or drug abuse in general (if that does turn out to be true) this is sad. And then there’s the issue of custody of his children and more than likely his estate to follow.

Michael Jackson was the greatest entertainer we have ever seen. I don’t care what nobody says, that’s indisputable fact.  He may not have been the best singer, but he maximized his vocal talent and combined it with furious feet, mesmerizing lyrics and catchy tunes better than anyone has before… and if you don’t know get familiar.

Even though he sold lots of records, he sold because of quality and skill and not some random popularity he got because of marketing, ringtones and the brothers and sisters of the Nick generation growing up trying to 1up their brothers and sisters by making crappy stuff popular.

Some of the greatest songs ever, literally ever, belong to Michael Jackson… and that’s not counting his Beatles ownership (btw a good deal of the rappers/musicians you like these days that are “caking off” their music have a satellite owner like MJ making money off of them so that they aren’t as rich as you think). Billy Jean is his most iconic song. I don’t care what you say about Thriller, it didn’t put him on the map or open him up to White America to open up the door for other black musicians. That said, my favorite song involving Michael Jackson is Say, Say, Say, with Paul McCartney; I’m not entirely sure why I like it, but it’s dope.

Watching his death transpire was kid of interesting for me. Like I said, I’m not a huge fan, and I don’t/haven’t ever really gotten upset about a death except for twice that I can remember. So when people were going on and on about how MJ had died, I was like “man I wish people cared more about things that were more important.”

After taking a step back and realizing how I was making a statement about what is and isn’t important I fell back off that comment and was thought ‘you know, just let people grieve the way they want,’ because in the end who am I to judge.

Then I thought back to this:

That is what has replaced Michael Jackson in the black community as far as music goes… at least in White America’s eyes. It’s no wonder people of all ages are so sad, Billy Jean has turned into Halle Berry… and Halle is on her Monster’s Ball/Swordfish ish.

I’ll close with the worst take on the entire situation provided by that jackass that is Perez Hilton.

Perez is sick

Perez is sick

I’m not going to publicly mourn, shed a tear or lose any sleep over this, but I recognize that A) the loss of life is never anything to be made fun of (unless it’s ironic… but then you’re laughing at the irony and not the death) and B) Michael Jackson was great at what he did.

As far as the negative attacks go, do I think he was a child molestor? No.

Do I believe he mad bad decisions and set himself up for failure in certain cases? Yes.

By no means does that excuse Mr./Mrs. Perez Hilton from doing what he did… and earlier on last week he was even worse: http://www.sfgate.com/cgi-bin/blogs/abraham/detail?entry_id=42206. Especially considering the circumstances behind the man’s health.

Rest in peace Mike, at least now you won’t have to deal with all the crap that was going on in your life. And thank you for all of the great music and entertainment you provided us with over the years. I literally could go on for days about all of Michael Jackson’s life and his influence on music, culture, fashion, videos and on and on. I prefer to view his life in a positive light and roll with that.

I told my Momma I wasn’t gonna go into my conspiracy theory about how you did what everyone thought happen to Elvis and now are free to live your life in peace


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