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Insight from the music industry (Part 2)

Previously on WhatWouldWesleyDo: Phonte from Little Brother chimes in on Michael Jackson (a must read)

Pharrell Williams via Restinbeats engaged in a three part series that encourages young aspiring producers to give the art a to. I have posted a couple of Pharrell’s messages, including the first part of his Restinbeats documentary entry on the blog because I believe the message extends well beyond the intended audience of hip hop/beat making/producing enthusiasts and is generally good advice for anybody who is unsure or struggling with life.

So here is Part 2:

As with anything, it”s never 100% fool proof that the advice will work, but this is sound advice nonetheless.

I can’t explain how much open-mindedness can open up doors for you, especially the way he mentions it’s effect. People recognize and appreciate open-mindedness and the desire to learn. I have landed several journalistic contacts and opportunities, based on sheer child-like curiosity, furthered by the necessary skill set and ability/desire to adapt if need be.

We often times take for granted the simple things that bring about success. It’s stuff like turning off the TV and putting in the extra work at the library or talking to that complete stranger that just so happens to be a professional in whatever field you are desiring to get your feet wet.

The percussion patttern that Pharrell is leaving goes so much further than just music. Hopefully, I’m not the only one watching.


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