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When poverty and hilarity mix

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We all know the economy is bad and just like everyone else I’m looking for ways to save money. Over the past year or so, I have finally had to adjust to the reality that A) I am not, nor have I ever been rich, and B) being a bum is not cool, and C) being poor is something I can’t change until I accept, embrace and understand it. I’ve already initiated some much needed major lifestyle/spending changes, starting with buying less shoes… seriously, at one point I just copped kicks just cause. These days, I would say I’m in severe shoe need, but I also don’t have to worry about where my money is going.

Another major expenditure that had to go was my constant trips to the barber shop. I got to the point where I was going weekly AND tipping a generous amount. I did look exceptionally great, but, well, it’s not worth it in the long term. But I found a solution to keep me looking good AND save some money!

This next major cut (see what I did there) will be as much a new look as it is a money saver:

I figure if I can start looking more “noble” only good things can happen. (Thank you Aaron McGruder and team for pointing me in to the right haircut and please put out some new Boondocks episodes or update your youtube channel!)

Yeah, said “good things” start in the finances, but more importantly I can hopefully join my fellow/similarly surnamed brethren Jackie Robinson and Paul Robeson in the pantheon of the noblest of the noble.

Nobility is something I need because right now, when the bill collectors call its pretty much like this for me:

I guess my thought process for bill collectors is the same as that guy’s, maybe a little less profanity… maybe. David A. Arnold (youtube channel) has another floating around on Facebook where he explains to the collectors their lack of leverage is their ultimate downfall. If somebody isn’t paying a bill what exactly are you going to threaten them with? I mean, unless it’s rent, they can’t do anything and even that’s not so bad…

Well for Heather Newnam it was, so much so that she committed suicide instead of facing eviction. How does it make the poverty/humor post by Wesley? Because if you read her twitter feed leading up to her suicide she was thinking of ways to spend money/experiencing certain luxuries of life while her bum ass husband is sitting on the couch playing video games.

I know better than a lot of people that you just can wake up and find a job, but once you reach the point of eviction you take what you can get, and I have to believe there were “take what you can get jobs” near where the couple resided. Not to mention she talks about tattoo’s (not free), drinking (not free) andTiVo (not free and excessively extra).

I hate to do this, but in the spirit of comedy (in best Chris Rock voice): “let that be a brother or sister. This sh*t wouldn’t have happened. Either we would have hustled our way to some money talkin’ bout ‘I got couch cushions and babies for sale,’ got somebody in the house that can pay rent, trynna take care of ol’ dyin’ relatives we’ve never met nor like, or moved before they coulda got us. Most black people in the hood face eviction daily–that’s just a way of life!”

OK, I’m back. No more poor attempts at humor. Not to make light of what she did, but I really find it kind of funny (more so ironic) in a sad way that she felt like that was her only option, and more so that Twitter was involved. By no means am I making light of her suicide, but I think her head was in wrong place and maybe a little adjustment could have helped.

For me and my poverty, the internet always helps. The internet is like Tussin in that it’s the remedy for everything. So when I get down about being broke, bumby and generally lame I find funny stuff to keep my attention like this:

or this:

Those guys at ItsTheReal are definitely hilarious enough to keep me from drastic actions, especially when in parody of one Jay Smooth. Also, anything involving Obama and a candid moment of improvisational humor gives me the spirt to live. (BTW the speech that Howard interrupted was pretty good.) And even if that’s not your type of humor, just logging onto youtube and typing in “funny” will make your life that much better.

I guess for me it’s life’s good because if all else fails–I have this blog, and all _____ of you beautiful readers.


  1. 11/12/2009 at 6:49 pm

    It’s always good to tackle the adverse with humor! Great post!

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