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Too soon to call?/Reality

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Too soon to call:

If you know me in person you know that Joe Budden is my favorite consistently active next generation rapper. I use those qualifiers because Redman is my favorite of all time and guys like LL, Ghostface and Jay can move up on that list on Joey just because of longevity and published catalogue. Anyways his website JoeBuddenTV.com is super popular and on this website he does his own “reality” TV style show following certain instances in his life. Here is the most recent one (parental discretion advised):

Normally, I don’t post stuff like this because of language and such, but I felt like this particular case was necessary. One, to raise the question as to how soon is it to call. I personally am an aggressive guy. So if I see something I like, it’s hard for me to not call immediately and set things in motion.

The other thing is, this video funny as hell. Like literally Joe Budden and Joell Ortiz just destroyed this man in this vlog, so much so that if the girl that the @FreqShowMusic is trying to get sees this, he is in there like swimwear.  She will feel so sorry for him getting bullied, he will get whatever he wants…especially because of the sheer ignorance in which he was attacked. LOL


Not only is Joe Budden a great rapper and hilarious vlogger, he is the master of pub. Recently his name came up on ESPN’s Pardon the Interruption. Like the only rappers that are mainstream to make the showare Jay-Z and Lil’ Wayne. Here is the video between Joe Budden and Brandon Jennings that Mike Wilbon and Tony Kornheiser discussed on PTI:

I don’t specifically remember what was said on PTI other than vague generalities about players candor and honesty, but I do specifically remember/have saved as a favorite one of the big buzz stories on the internet from The Sporting News discussing this same conversation. In this blog they also reference an alleged twitter conversation of Dwyane Wade.

I don’t agree with Brandon Jennings, and he probably will turn out to be a bust. I wish him well but he just doesn’t look like that good of a player. Anyways, I think it’s nice that we see a player talking and speaking as he feels. I hate when guys give politically correct answers or have their “white man is looking, better please the consumer culture and give some processed, fake, half-articulate answer.”

Truth be told most young black men talk how Budden and Jennings did in the video and Richardson and Wade did in the twittering. Personally, IF I’m going to talk like that it’s in an environment that will understand my sentiment and understands the cultural background to know what I’m saying, but for the most part I don’t… Because that’s not me.

I definitely am not well off, but I also didn’t grow up living the sort of lives these guys do. You can’t magically erase 18 years of vocabulary, environment and lifestyle by short-term college immersion and a few million dollars. It never ceases to amaze how people are shocked at the things athletes say and do. But instead of assessing the issue as to why things are they way they are, the athletes are vilified and attacked as immature, overpaid, almost useless individuals.

This is not to excuse what was said, because even in a candid moment you have to use a little better judgment than these guys did, but at the end of the day the problem speaks to the deeper issues in our country and world.

I know the two parts contrasted, but I had to get both video’s in. I also realize that I didn’t finish the idea about the reality of language/culture in America, but people stop reading after a certain point and dissertations are not fun blog fodder.

Till next time!

  1. 07/09/2009 at 2:40 pm

    lmao. I was going to do a post on coonery, but your post is too good.

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