Brüno a bad movie?

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When my roommate suggested we go see Brüno at midnight I jumped at the opportunity. Well no that was after considering the Lexington entertainment options for a Thursday night, one being Two Keys Tavern and the other being staying in and watching my Mariners, which seemed bleak at the time to say the least. After assuring me that the outing wasn’t going to be an awkwardly random blind (for me) double date I agreed.

I know most people are expecting a fair amount of obscenity from Sacha Baron Cohen, the guy that came up with Borat, but literally there was a lot of sick stuff in the first segment of the movie. I normally enjoy vulgarity and over-the-top humor, but even I cringed at this one a few times. There was wayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy too much man view. (I am by no means homophobic, but I found myself wanting to do a lot of manly things to erase the images of that movie.) So much so that I need to put this out there to counter the images from that movie:

I love that President Barack is in the news for stuff like this more so than failed policy and generally sucking at his job. A president chastised for non sequitur issues is OK with me, especially if he is doing a relatively good job. And anyways, IF Barack was admiring a masterpiece of God’s creation, as long as he just looked its fair play.

Anyways, aside from an unmentionable amount of men not wearing unmentionables, the movie was pretty good. In addition to being obviously funny, it really hit on a lot of societal issues and came up with some clever ways to humor the audience.

While it was nowhere near as good as Borat, Brüno was a unique and interesting portrayal of of society’s extreme view point on several parts of culture. If you can stomach it, Brüno is great. I realize this review as extremely general, but if I get too specific, your viewing experience would ruined. You’re welcome.

Maybe in his next film Cohen can satirize the Amurican (thanks Dave Chappelle) Movie Machine bka Hollywood and their general laziness when it comes to making movies. Ryan Reynolds is gonna be in another movie as a comic book character, this time as the Green Lantern (he just played Deadpool in X-Men: Origins also starring as Hannibal King in Blade: Trinity).

I don’t even dislike Ryan Reynolds, but you mean to tell me Warner Bros. that “after an intense months-long search” the best you could come up with is Ryan Reynolds? Seriously?! They could have just rolled with DC’s rebooted version of the Green Lantern where he was black. At least we may have seen a new actor get some shine… provided Don Cheadle, Terrence Howard or Jamie Foxx didn’t answer the phone.

Reynolds doing the Colin Farrell, Christian Bale, be in every movie thing. For Bale it’s worked so far, but Farrell’s career hasn’t been the same since that stretch in 02-03 where he seemingly was in a new movie every weekend. I didn’t like Superman Returns at all–like not one bit, probably one of the worst movies ever in the genre right behind the Eric Bana Hulk movie–but I will give Warner Bros. credit for casting Brandon Routh as Superman. He fit the bill and even though the plot sucked and the supporting acting was pure garbage, I liked him as Cal El.

Wow, that was a lot of rambling.

So what did we learn today kids?

Brüno=good, Barack staring=OK if he goes home to Michelle and runs the country well, Hollywood=BAD, male lead role+Ryan Reynolds=cookie cutter, probably bad movie,  no name Brandon Routh as Superman>99% of Hollywood castings, and Wesley=nerd/loser.

I hope all that math makes sense!

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  1. 07/15/2009 at 11:50 am

    Yeah. I would have expected this is Ryan Reynolds was Black, but to be used in all of these comic book movies…what the hell? Apparently Sandra Bullock is good for his career.

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