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Poor Erin Andrews?

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It’s been a while… my bad.

Last week I was so tired/completely void of energy or outlet for having all the time in the world that all I did was work, run/play ball and sleep. Actually, I did a little reading which should help the blog out a little later on this week.

As for today, right now, let’s talk about this Erin Andrews thing (please grant me a late pass).

Erin Andrews is a sideline reporter for ESPN. While she is mostly known for her hotness, she is actually a pretty good sideline reporter. (Off the top of my head, Michelle Tafoya, Lisa Salters and the amazing Bonnie Bernstein come to mind before her, but she’s still pretty good.) Anyways, somebody taped her while she was nude in her hotel and put it on the internet. <<<<Oh yeah… they’re trying to sell it too.

^^^^I use this image to illustrate that she has embraced her sex appeal and has made that a part of her public image.

Believe it or not, I’m going to throw out the typical guy response about how awesomely great it is to get pictures/video of celebrity/famous women and talk a little bit about the privacy issues. I feel so bad for Ms. Andrews and me feeling bad for somebody else generally doesn’t happen, especially when that somebody is hot and has everything they want.

In this case however, I have an enhanced sense of sympathy, because she did absolutely nothing wrong.

Say what you want about sex tapes and people documenting their love making sessions, but at the very least they are putting themselves at risk for someone from a meddling house guest, to a tech savvy hacker viewing and distributing their escapades.

Ms. Andrews did nothing more than carry out routine daily grooming in the privacy of her hotel room. There is speculation that Samantha Ronson, brother of DJ/producer Mark Ronson and boyfriend to Lindsay Lohan was the responsible party for filming and leaking the video.

OK, back to serious news. Andrew’s attorney issued this statement, which is about as much as can be done now. She has potential for a huge lawsuit towards the hotel or the individual(s) that filmed her, whomever. Imagine if you were subject to being videoed while curling your hair or brushing your teeth… there is a certain level of privacy that we all expect an in her case it was grossly violated.

Although I do get dressed relatively immediately after I shower, all I know is I feel bad for her. Like for real bad. Almost makes me wish I hadn’t…


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