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T.O. Reality Show

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Anyways, on to the T.O. Reality Show. You can watch the ENTIRE episode here (with limited commercial interruption):

Vodpod videos no longer available.

Normally I don’t watch Reality TV, but every now and then a perfect storm gets me hooked on one. This one is pretty easy because it’s on VH1, which strangely does the best with “Reality TV.” Not to mention, it features Terrell Owens, who is one of my favorite players in the NFL and someone I was physically (a very long time ago, when I weight about 220 and was very little other than muscle) compared to. Finally, T.O.’s publicist is Kita Williams, who graced the University of Kentucky with her presence and took the time out to try to straighten out a bum like me.

Kita Williams on the left

^^^^Kita is on the left.

So yeah, the Terrell Owens Reality Show has everything I need. I get VH1’s production, which never fails to promote the images of sexy, scantily clad women, a glimpse into the life of an admirable athlete, and getting to watch a mentor of sorts on television. The problem is, I’m seeing too much.

No offense to Kita, the bodyguard or his agent, but I feel so bad for T.O. that they are his best friends–maybe not so much his bodyguard, because allegedly they were cool before he became the household name that he is–but I digress. I feel bad because his friends all have professional relationships with him that can sometimes supersede the relationship that people have as just friends.

Really. Imagine your best friend giving you advice, hanging with you, entertaining you as an employee. At some point yes, there will be fun and it will be a great experience. However, if you watched the episode, there were times where the two women made decisions that were more about business and less about T.O. enjoying himself (s0me of which looked like bitter female syndrome, but was probably more just “keep your nose clean”).

That said, I enjoyed the show. Just in the preview you were able to see that Terrell Owens life isn’t remotely average. From getting fired via tablecloth to  “excessive celebration” after scoring with his realtor, you got a small glimpse into the extraordinary life of  T.O.

I’m looking forward to the rest of the series, and hope that it continues to be as entertaining as the first episode… and the more women the better! 🙂 …but seriously, I hope people can look past how ESPN portrays the guy and really formulate their own opinions about one of the greatest receivers in NFL history.


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