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LeBron got Dunked on… BFD

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TMZ got exclusive footage from a camera phone of King James getting ripped on by Xavier’s Jordan Crawford at a Nike Basketball Camp:

Seriously, it doesn’t even look that bad… no worse than what happens to guys in a game.

There’s actually a lot of stuff to talk about, and I’ll get to it when I get home now…

I’m actually mad this is a story. Like literally LeBron and Nike being tyrannical toddlers about this situation is the only story. Now that could be intentional and by design, but I don’t understand how that dunk would hurt LeBron’s career if viewed.

On SportsNation, Colin Cowherd made the point that you can’t even tell its LeBron. On the 2am SportsCenter Matt Winer made a joke that LeBron and Crawford were on the same team and that’s the only reason he got him (they were wearing the same jersey/short combination). Stan Verrett took the joke a step further and wondered aloud whether or not LeBron shook Jordan Crawford’s hand after the game, referencing LeBron’s childlike actions after losing to the Orlando Magic in the Eastern Conference Finals this past playoff season.

Speaking of LeBron not shaking hands, a lot of columns were written about LeBron and whether or not his moves were that of a petulant child. Michael Wilbon looks at LeBron’s actions as a whole, giving LeBron the benefit of the doubt, while Dan Wetzel surmises that the King’s silence speaks volumes. My favorite column however came from Adrian Wojnarowski (say that one time fast), who believes that LeBron’s problem is that nobody chastises him for his mistakes and he is allowed to run rampant like a spoiled brat.

In a vacuum, the dunk incident and the refusal to shake hands portray LeBron as a big whining baby. However, I tend to agree with Wilbon, not just because he is Michael Wilbon, but because LeBron generally gets it right. He needs to learn, yes, but let us not make him this terrible person. We already unnecessarily hate too many athletes, why start hating LeBron.

… I guess I look at it like this, I don’t want to be negative. I want to celebrate LeBron and what he represents. So here goes:

Now you be thinking ‘Wesley, this post is about LeBron James and you were supposed to be explaining why you celebrate LeBron…’ To that, I say this: I love dunks, greatest move in all of sports. If you disagree ‘ crazy. What Vince did right there was insane–easily one of the best dunks ever, all things considered. But LeBron does this:


and even

…and don’t even get me started on this one.

^^^^That block was kind of a foul, but it was definitely one of the manliest things in NBA history, to which I give a Salute to.

Where some see it as a problem, I like the fact that he put his friends on and gave them jobs within his company and his brand. Yesterday, I talked about Terrell Owens and how sad it was that his best friends were his agent, publicist and bodyguard. Well LeBron, has the same thing to an extent, but these guys have been friends for a long time, which makes for totally different interaction and a unique kind of friendship. I wish I had the opportunity to bring success to my friends, just like I’m sure most of you do. For me it’s a dream for LeBron its a reality.

Here LeBron talks a little bit about that very thing with Lee Hawkins of CNBC, who is affectionately know by myself and my cousin Spanky as Tiki Barber:

Like I said, I hate that LeBron babied about the dunk, but there’s a lot more going on that we should like. I hope this helps!


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