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New Jay-Z track & Drake’s video (directors cut)/mixtape

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To start the week off right I’m gonna hit you with some new music/media. First it’s Jay-Z f/Kanye and Rihanna-Run This Town.

The track is hot, and even though the formulaic Rihanna hook tries to ruin the track, I can still rock to this a lil’. So far

this and Death of Autotune are the leaks for Jay-Z’s Blueprint 3, slated to drop September 11, 2009.

Next is the “Director’s Cut” of Drake’s Best I Ever Had. (Click after the jump for Drake’s latest mixtape: Heartbreak Drake 2).

Director’s Cut was in quotations because essentially this is the same video… but I got to post it again so why not.

Actually one more thing…

There is a compilation mixtape of Drake’s floating around, and while it’s unofficial, it’s got stuff most people aren’t gong to find so here is Heartbreak Drake Part 2.

Oh MTV decided to name Drake had the best mixtape of 2009. I’m about 10 days late so maybe you are too… and if you reside below gravel here is a download of said mixtape, So Far So Gone.

…the things I do for views.


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