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A little randomness for your viewing pleasure

Previously on WhatWouldWesleyDo: New Jay-Z track & Drake’s video (directors cut)/mixtape

I am really getting apathetic to this whole blogging thing. I guess it’s because I’m trying the “real life” thing again, which is causing me to loathe being in front of the computer screen. Well, not totally… just enough to not want to blog. So while I conjure up the the mental wherewithal for this kind of thing. I’m going to continue to do whatever it is I have been doing of late, all of that crazy randomness.

Here is the first video… this California woman is probably the dumbest woman in America:

Vodpod videos no longer available.

I told my little sister, never say such as (those two words caused Miss South Carolina a lot of trouble… and literally, if you google “such as” she is the third result!), but I am thinking any of the words that woman used should be eliminated from the English language and allowed to only be used by an exclusive list of stupid people.

Apparently she didn’t get a degree in any of the fields that yield the most lucrative paychecks. Notice how engineering keeps popping up on that list… any such thing as journalism engineering, or political engineering (would either of those be ethical/legal?

Now lets talk about Nas losing… again:

Whether or not you think he won the lyrical beef with Jay-Z, he definitely lost the life beef by going over to Def Jam and working for dude. After Jay married Beyonce, Nas married Kelis. I like Kelis, her music used to be dope–pre-Bossy, with the old electronic keyboard and minimalist Neptunes beats–but she isn’t in the same universe as Beyonce. Remember at the end of Men In Black when the camera zoomed out from Earth and by the time it got into true focus our planet was a microorganism… well that’s the difference in the gap of their beauty. No shots, just truth. Here are the details of how bad he lost, from the legal/financial perspective.

Check out the my last post with some good music. There isn’t enough positivity in the world, so I figure I will balance out stupid people and losses with wins and good things.

Actually that may not last long, because apparently the ugliest people in the nation are from Philly. I may be exaggerating a little, but here is the link to the article that discusses that statement.

Stephon Marbury, aka the dumbest basketball player since Latrell Sprewell, did a 24 hour video blog or something and apparently he just goes off the top and says whatever. Here is a rant via TMZ. Later on that day, this happened:

Those are real genuine tears. I would hate to live a public life that plays out on youtube…

What does all of this random garbage mean? I have no clue. I do know however that you are better for reading it.


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