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My President is racist?

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I have seen a lot of dumb crap before, but this story takes the cake. In a new twist of events, Barack Obama hates half of himself:

But that’s not the first time this has happened:

^^^^ That was a couple of years ago. Apparently, Barack’s racism has gotten worse.

I swear, some people should not be allowed to live. Yesterday day I posted a video about the stupidest woman alive, well these guys are giving her a run for her money on the male side in the overall competition. (It’ll be like that weird college basketball challenge they show on ESPN 2 before the National Title where all the guys and gals from small schools that you’ve never heard of get together and dunk, compete in skills competitions and shoot their way onto the second page of television media. At the end of the shootout the winner of the guys faces the winner of the girls, for the ultimate obscure 3-point shootout tite.)

If you’re going to criticize our president, please, pick something legitimate, because there are enough political issues to pick on. And don’t even get me started on this Henry Gates stuff or the birth thing…

I guess these white guys don’t listen to enough Jay-Z. His verse would on the remix to, Young Jeezy’s — My President is Black sort of sums up how life works for Barack.


  1. 07/29/2009 at 6:23 pm

    That’s just silly.

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