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Drake takes an L, keeps on winning

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I am beginning to believe that Drake is teflon… well his image is anyways (funny video after the jump). My little cousin Spanky wrote this for XXL magazines blog a couple of weeks ago, long before this:

Drake Down

Drake Down

So Drake has a torn ACL, MCL and LCL. Big deal. Thats so 2001… I did that forever ago when I was actually doing something you can conceivably get hurt from (basektball). I didn’t cry or get carried off. And at the end of the day nobody cared. I lived, so will he. I went on to tear my other ACL, so I really have no sympathy. He shouldn’t have been on the stage anyways. He actually said that himself, check out his statement here at Nahright. (I guess I’m still bitter…)

Here is video of the incident:

^^^^ notice Wayne clowning him. Why is it that “certain types of people” always got something to say…

I’ve heard a couple of people say this would damage his career and his reputation, because honestly it isn’t a good look. But like young Spanky pointed out, nothing stops that guys success. Even jokesters like this:

^^^^ LOL @ Troy Glaus, Randy Moss and Saint Nick

Microsoft Paint has added a new dimension of hilarity to hip-hop that not even Nostradamus could have forecasted.


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