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My President is foreign?

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Happy 48th Birthday Barack Hussein Obama, 44th President of the United States of America. Your very existence and position pisses some people off so much that they’ll do anything….

The most ridiculous story ever gets more and more ridiculous by the day. But don’t take my word for it, take The Daily Show’s Jon Stewart’s:

Vodpod videos no longer available.

I’ve been sitting on that video for days and days. Glad to finally share it. That Orly Taitz woman is crazy btw:

As if it weren’t enough to call out our President for being racist against white people, a completely ridiculous statement considering the President is half white, things have gotten even worse… and I’m not talking about columns from black Christians alleging Obama hates white people, I’m talking about this:

I actually received this crap in my Kentucky Kernel email:

^^^^sorry for the crappy quality. I don’t have access to the computer or necessary programs to convert a file to .doc>.pdf>.png for a file that big (code for I am lazy and didn’t try to do it right). Essentially WorldNetDaily tried to solicit us college journalists to further spread their propaganda.

Because people like this exist and want to make a change:

^^^^Because pledging allegiance fixes everything…

The good news is the small percentage of people that buy this crap is small enough not to make a major difference… the bad news is they can really slog down a movement or annoy the hell out of positive living creatures enough to impede the progress that we really need. It’s one thing to disagree with Barack, but its another thing to call him a racist and say that he isn’t an American…

Eugene Robinson Pulitzer Prize winning journalist of the Washington Post penned an interesting column on the whole “Birther” crisis.

Also a couple of other stores from the Christian Science Monitor addressing Ms. Taitz and her insanity & Lou Dobbs and his ridiculousness. (The comments and debate back and forth on these stories is hilarious btw.

In California they follow Arnold aka the Governator who isn’t from this country and can’t provide a birth certificate to say he was born in America at all. Granted that situation is a little different, because he legally is entitled to his position, naturally born or not. But no one ever questions his patriotism or ability to work for the good of America and he is American by a process not by birth. (I realize I didn’t articulate that point very well. I’m kinda, sorta, totally tired and it’s rainy. Maybe tomorrow I’ll fix it.)

My point is, what is this about? Is it about America or is it about something else?


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