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Vanessa Hudgens FTL (for the loss)

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Today is gonna be quick, because it’s just reinforcing a point that I made a while ago.

Look at that face:

^^^^ That’s High School Musical starlet Vanessa Hudgens.

Isn’t she cute? Like literally she has an adorable face that could make it in any children’s show for years. (I can say that because she is old enough not to be jailbait and I’m old enough to refer to children as cute and what not).

Problem is, she takes pictures of herself and sends them to somebody… and they leak on the internet.Now I won’t show you the pictures. That would be done in poor taste… especially since every website from that terrible scum Perez Hilton, to Twitter’s trending topic feed has the pictures (step your resourcefulness game up!). She is trying to be a serious actress so this could hurt her career, especially since this is the second time this has happened. Disney seemed like it was pretty stern the first time, but they allowed a second time to happen so I suppose the repercussions of this misstep will depend on how much the magic kingdom can gravy train from this girl.

I don’t feel bad for this girl at all. Why? Well I touched on the issue a little bit when video of ESPN’s Erin Andrews in her hotel room leaked.To go even further, if you are sending photos privately, you’ve gotta know there are evil people out there with great internet skills and devious intent. Not to mention the person receiving the pictures may be just as bad as the malevolent lurkers that post peoples private content on the internet. Look at Rihanna, as if getting beat up by Chris Brown wasn’t enough, he went on to leak nude photos of her to add insult to injury.

Sending those type of pictures are a turn off. To me that says a lot about a persons character and their motivations what they are really looking for from a companion (attention over true affection). It is never a good idea to send stuff like that. EVER! I’m not any different from other guys in what I want to see, meaning I have the same shortcomings as most men when it comes to wanting to see beautiful women naked… but that is definitely not how I want to see it in a picture message via the internet or email or something. You may get more popular with a certain type of guy, but 95% of the time you are a body and nothing more.

I don’t see how showing off your private goods is self-respectful… once you take that step, you put yourself on the same level as the women that are objectified for their physical beauty, be they models or porn stars and that’s definitely not gonna get you far. If you want the respect, you do what it takes to earn that respect.

That’s all for this WSA (Wesley Service Announcement). Again, I don’t really feel like I articulated that very well at all, but I hope the basic gist gets across: Nude photos bad, IF you are trying to make headway in this world as a self-respecting adult female… If that’s not a priority to you, or you are OK with men and women treating you badly, then by all means take as many pictures as you like.

In the time it took me to write this post, Vanessa Hudgens went from a top Twitter trend to barely hanging on in the top 10… so if this was a publicity stunt: EPIC FAIL.


  1. 08/06/2009 at 7:19 pm

    Lol. I get the gist of your ramblings. Good call.

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