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Pre-NBA preview

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I haven’t been blogging regularly and now is a tough time to get back on track… I just got over the swine flu and have to catch up on everything, I’m constantly one of the busiest people you know, and last but not least, the NBA season is getting ready to start.

I go back and forth over what sport is my favorite and since baseball is winding down and basketball is getting ready to start up, it’s harder than ever to decide. Being young, black and mildly suffering from sever attention deficit disorder, would probably predispose me to loving basketball with all my heart… but I won’t pay however much it is I paid to watch most of the games in the baseball season (I watched 120+), so maybe it is baseball. Anyways, it’s time for my pre NBA preview. The actual preview will come late tonight early tomorrow, but I have to do get this out first.

(As usual, I’m behind and now the season has started, but I can still make bold predictions with only one game on the table!)

This will be my second season without my beloved Seattle SuperSonics–one of the many things I have had taken from me since I hit the real world at about 14. Near the top of the list of beloved things I have lost is my home, through moving to Kentucky. The move has been so difficult because at the end of the day, all of the pain, ranging from the death of my Granny, to the relocation of the Sonics has been enhanced by the fact that I wasn’t around to see it and I have no connection to any of the events that continue to shape my life.

That being said, the death of the Sonics eased by knowing great people like the Save Our Sonics people were integral in the fight to maintain the Sonics. Along with the produces of:

…the wonderful Sonicsgate documentary.

Not a huge fan of the title, but I appreciate the supreme detail that went into producing this documentary. It totally sums up the long running process that led to the demise of the Seattle Supersonics in a way that allowed for a little closure, pointing out all of the bad actors, the gradual/orchestrated decline of the team, and the complete and utter, blatant piece-of-shittery that was David Stern and his attitude towards the city of Seattle.

Sherman Alexie, famed writer and mega-Sonics fan couldn’t have been a better representative for the pulse of the fan. His articulate anger was so on point and he had the perspective that understood how important the team was, beyond basketball. At one point, he teared up and I swear I nearly did too. All of the wonderful memories of Gary Payton, Shawn Kemp, Nate McMillan, and many others. The the division titles, the trip to the NBA Finals, the defense… the dunk:

I remember the Tacoma News Tribune issue with this dunk on the front page… the Reignman was nasty.

I’m way too busy, and way too emotional to actually make a coherent post/review on this topic, but if you care to get a better account visit Henry Abbott’s TrueHoop blog at ESPN.

I need to connect with the people. Blogging is my outlet these days since I never see people, so please read and pass it on.


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