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Jay-Z and Beanie Sigel, sandbox edition

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I will up some of my columns from earlier this semester tonight or tomorrow to fill out the content…

In the meantime check this out.

The only thing funnier than the video is the actual situation…

Here is the track that started it all: Beanie Sigel–What You Talkin About (I Aint Your Average Cat) Jay-Z Diss

What makes this situation so unique is the fact that Beans is so loyal, so true, so thoro for the Jay-Z and the ROC (he mentions that in the song). He’s been so consistently silent, when others have been quick to air Jay out and has made it his business to be a company man… and then comes this track.

The resounding refrain from Jay’s recent dealings with anyone not named Rihanna, Kanye, Drake, Lupe or J. Cole is that Jay isn’t fair, he plays favorites, he’s a snake, etc etc. One thing I have learned over my lifespan is rumor usually is born of some truth, especially when multiple people repeat it. In the same vein, I’ve learned that people’s opinions are shaped by reputation and what’s popular… right now, its cool to shit on Jay-Z and blame him for everything under the sun. From the likes of Teairra Marí to one of my favorites, Joe Budden the questions about Jay-Z’s character keep coming.

With the recent revelations from Beanie Sigel, I’m kind of seeing more of the negative side of the Jigga man. He’s clearly great, and obviously has a knack for business, but his brand of dealing things is quite different from what most people expect or agree with. When I see him calling out Jaz-O, who is far beneath a Jay-Z diss or even the smallest of attention, I totally see where people come from when they knock the man.

But then you look at the likes throwing stones, and other that the exceedingly carnivorous 50 Cent, very few of the artists takings shots are any good/enjoy commercial success… so it’s a hard issue to figure out.

In the case of this diss, Jay and Beans were very close– It’s akin to the Jay-Z/Dame Dash feud, where the masses will probably never know what truly goes on and no light will illuminate the happenings of this situation.

The good news from what I have read is this may be resolved fairly quickly, as Beans seems to want loyalty re-confirmed and some answers.

OHHHHH. The one thing I forgot to mention. Beanie Sigel talks about how his gangsta never has to be justified and how he was a ride or die member of the team no matter what. As much as I respect that kind of loyalty, I feel for that man, because his mind is on such tiny things. Who cares about street credibility when you  have the ability to make money, set an example and give back to wherever you came from, so no one else has to go through that struggle. If his head was on straight. He would have evolved, avoided jail and been smart enough to know when to stop ridin’ or find somewhere else to ride for.

Jay-Z can leave a Blueprint, but when it’s all said and done its up to Beanie Sigel to figure out who he is B. Coming and where he is going…

That was corny, but I couldn’t resist.

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