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The best way to spend a dollar (Updated)

Previously on WhatWouldWesleyDo: Fix it

Update: Chad (Johnson) Ochocinco fined $20,000 for the obvious joke. There’s a difference between a bribe and an blatant joke. Mr. Ochocinco is great for the NFL and the league has to stop being so generally uptight….

I should have insta-blogged this:

Ballin’ Outrageous son

Chad Ochocinco is absolutely hilarious… and not just because the number “85” is ochenta y cinco en Espanol. Dude is the king of hilarious celebrations, and this was just one of the many great ones. It’s funny though, when people misunderstand such a complex individual. Check out the comment’s on this Yahoo! Sports Shutdown Corner Blog Post for some of the ridiculous things people think about one of the most witty, creative, funny moments in NFL history. Hopefully, Chad gets fined so this gets even more pub and people get to see how unique this guy is.

Check out the video:

But wait, there’s more… Mr. Ochocinco has full archives of great antics.

I like this one cause it’s something I would do:

That dance was priceless. Take away props and a creative, witty guy like @OGOchoCinco still manages to bring the celebration heat.

Super classic #85:

When was the last time you seen a brother Riverdance?

This one made everybody mad:

Not the best effort, but definitely noteworthy

I love this one:

Mostly because I hate Green Bay and their stupid fake pious sports fandom.

Here’s a compilation:

I suggest you mute it… it’s one of those loser fan videos with an audio track over the highlights.

He even gets a special Madden Celebration:

But not to be outdone:

An ESPN commercial!

So today we learned Chad (Johnson) OchoCinco is worth the price of admission and even the NFL (No Fun League) can’t stop this guy from being the most entertaining figure in the game. I had to take a break from the guy when his antics didn’t match his game, but as long as he’s playing well he can do damn well whatever he pleases as far as celebrations and stuff go.

Oh by the way, feel free to check out more of the celebrations. I intentionally missed a few, because I don’t want to slurp the guy that much, and you need to do some work on your own.


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