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Ron Artest is insane… and I have no problem with it

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I have had another long working binge that has kept me from my favoritest thing in the world… but I’ll explain that later (I think).

In case you  missed it, Ron Artest disclosed  yesterday that he used to drink Hennessy at hafltime while with the Chicago Bulls (that story has a picture with Rashard Lewis when he still played for the Seattle Supersonics in the years when they had the screwed up Christmas color uniforms).

I don’t know about you but that’s entirely crazy… Nothing you do is enhanced by liquor, save for making an ass of yourself, but Ron Ron desnt liquid courage to do that. Here are a few of the documented Ron Artest crazy moments I can remember:

I will start with my favorite “crazy” Ron Artest moment (it’s definitely not what you think it is):

… Believe it or not, this is true. I Googled “Ron Artest table leg” and generated this, and several other posts like it, on the internet. Go figure. If someone actually died from being stabbed with a table leg and you saw it, how would you turn out?

My boy Jim Rome burned on this very topic the day after the game:

^^^^Classic, but not quite as classic, or memorable as this:

Mainstream America’s introduction to crazy Ron Artest:

It definitely wasn’t Jimmy Kimmell that introduced Ron to the masses.

Ron Artest made a name for himself by saying he would take a job at Best Buy for the employee discout.

He also said he wants to take up boxing after retiring from basktball

I love Brandon Roy (a Seattle guy), but he isn’t better than Kobe. Even if Artest says so.

This may come off as tongue and cheek, but I seriously love what Ron Artest brings to the table. I think he needs people in his life to keep him from going WAYYYYYY too overboard, but I like people who are who they are. Some of my favorite people of all time are the biggest jerks, a-holes, losers and misunderstood people.

Why? Because they are who they are no matter what, and as long as they aren’t harming anyone it’s all good. Most people are the way they are for a reason. Ron Artest didn’t come up in the best circumstances, but he’s at the top and he’s trying. That’s all you can hope for is that people like that try to overcome their situations.

Till next time…


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