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MVPuppets bringing in the holiday cheer

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So I’m in Washington right now, Olympia to be exact. Since there isn’t much to do at the moment, which is a ridiculously long and thorough post by itself, I may as well blog something. It’s been 18 days since I’ve blogged and a lot of stuff has passed, but I can’t let these videos pass!

Apparently there is some dissension at the North Pole over basketball and some of Santa’s new friends:

Man ‘ aka ‘posed to be my boss”? Blitzen (Lupe Fiasco) went in.

That’s tough talk Blitzen. I wonder what Santa has to say?

Kobe and LeBron had to hold back your boy Santa… As one YouTube commenter said, Santa (KRS One) dismantled Blitzen and his crew with precision.

Well… I guess the only way to sort out this mess is on the court:

LMAO @ “Dunking on a Reindeer” and the sound a reindeer makes.

Nike has definitely improved their commercialing with this subject. Especially over this:

Hopefully these videos won’t be the highlight of my trip… I’ve got a lot of people to see and a lot of stuff to do so I doubt it, but if it keeps on this road somebody will have to pay what they owe.


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