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Where Wes is at

Previously on WhatWouldWesleyDo: MVPuppets bringing in the holiday cheer <<<<<Man that was a long time ago. I was “at home” in Washington when I posted that lol.

So I have been busy. Ultra busy. I generally don’t mind it, except for I am so stressed it’s ridiculous. I work six days a week and rarely have a moment to just relax, I am behind in everything and my personal life is non-existent… worse yet people don’t understand. It seems like everything I say or do gets misunderstood and I suffer from that, big time.

So what does it mean?

I’m not entirely sure. On the surface most everything is going well. I mean, I am me (whatever that means) and at 35% I still do better than a lot of people. The problem is, I can’t go past that 35% limit, which is partially do to never really having to try, but also because I don’t have the energy to go 100% in anything.

I’m like the Lakers waiting for the finals, except for the finals are essentially here right now, and for whatever reason I can’t turn on championship form. So I win lots of games, look good on paper and even show flashes of greatness, but ultimately am a commodity that’s only as good as the results it’s failing to yield…

And don’t get me started on this school thing… one of these days it’ll all make sense.

I guess my point is, it’s not as easy as it looks, if it looks easy at all, and all the little things get stressed or go wrong and make it  a lot more difficult than it should be both personally and professionally, internal and external. I’d kind of just like to take a break… wait what? Spring Break is next week? YAY!

So if you read the blog, that’s part of why I’ve gone. The other reason really boils down to not having much creativity or drive to do anything outside of the required. Yes, working can do that to you… and it doesn’t help when catching a break means finding a summer internship at a major newspaper and having to produce work the level of a professional journalist with years of experience, even though you barely have time to report on stuff in your own back yard.Yes, I’m happy to have the opportunity, but again, its more work. Obviously you have to work to succeed, but geez.

I suppose I should stop. I reading this over, I feel extremely ungrateful and nobody likes to hear somebody complain about how good they are and why it’s a problem or why they don’t like being blessed with opportunity… but it could be worse. I could have told you about personal problems, people, work, friends, or something that probably would have pissed somebody off…

Maybe next time…


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