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Wesley on enterprising

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Commitment is not my thing… no not that kind of commitment (as a matter of fact I think I’ll get to that very soon, at least something on friendship and loyalty), but the work-related kind. I have been at my job 2.5 years and I would like to stay as long as I will be in school, but in the career sense, it isn’t for me. I love most of the people and what I generally do is cool, but the whole concept of having to do the same thing every day and work on somebody else’s time sucks.

Take last summer for example. The department chair’s assistant was out for maternity leave, so little ol’ me filled in for her over the summer. I liked making a little more money and I the experience I gained over the duration of that period will definitely be something I will use for a while–but I was indentured to someone else. (I say enterprising instead of entrepreneurial  because I’m not necessarily referring to working for oneself, but having the ability to sort of forage your own path within a structure or system).

So what do I need? More freedom. The ability to transition between environments and get things done at my own pace with the ability to find different paths and what not. Time is probably the highest priority issue of this though, only because I’m like Redman:

I don’t mind being up early and generally I’m up before 6 every morning, but there are some situations where that just isn’t hot… As it stands now, I don’t always have the ability to make that happen…So even though over the course of the day I go from place to place and I’m not stationery like I was last summer, I have to spend a lot more time in one place, often times at someone else’s will. So when people want to hang out, I can’t. When something is going on, I pretty much am not gonna be able to do it. And if it’s something like homework or extra stuff, I may as well pay somebody else to do it, because I won’t have the time.

Lately this has been a big problem because as usual my grades suck, and I don’t have time to do the things I want to… also, when I have made time to do different things, it has been the biggest waste of time (LOL). So my advice is do things that allow you to be who you are, but don’t stifle your creativity, personality, time management or anything like that.

I did a lot of reflecting over Spring break, and that’s what I came up with… hopefully I will apply it sooner rather than later. At the end of the day, regulating what you do and when you do it is the purest form of happiness, relative to responsibility.
Redman has it good… maybe we all will someday. That’s what I like about Redman though. He is honest and real. Very few artists these days do that and recognize how blessed they really are to be doing what they are doing. So that kind of takes this full circle… even if you do have a job that ties you down or that you hate, remember it can always be worse.

  1. Rob
    03/29/2010 at 4:53 pm

    so right.

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