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Wesley on Life (again… I think)

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I just turned 25 Saturday, so I figured I’d give a life update… I’m gonna channel my inner Kanye for this one, but wait till the end on that… gotta start a little happier 🙂

Financially, I’m broke as crap. I feel like this guy:

(That’s comedian David A. Arnold. Check out his YouTube page for more funny  stuff)

This is one situation where being black is OK, because my credit hasn’t been as extended as far as a lot of my Caucasian friends who have far more debt than I do because of higher credit limits. But I still am in debt and I really have nothing to show for it… especially for all the time I work. I need to buy a car for the internship I was blessed to get, but I can’t save any money because I’m like a one man non-profit and allegedly I’ll get some help, but I’ll believe it when I see it. LOL

School wise, I’m struggling as usual because of the commitments I’m tied to at the moment, so next year they’re all done. Graduation 2011 or bust. What’s funny is I’ll end up graduating when my little sister graduates from high school (she’s like 8.5 years younger than me) and after my little brother graduated from college (he’s ~2 years younger than me).

As much as I’m not bothered by the fact that I’m still in school, I’m extremely bothered by the fact that I’m still in school, giving up my time for various causes and not getting much of a kick back… what’s worse is I don’t even get respect for working retarded hours, everyday but Saturday, doing things for free and being genuinely dedicated. So I’m done, very little altruism. I can’t mentor, tutor or spend time actually helping people who need it because, I get stuck doing useless crap.

As far as friendships go, I’m totally burnt out. I don’t have time for much and when I do try to be friendly it doesn’t pan out. It ranges from wasting time hanging out with people, to people who only have time for you when they have time, to me not actually being able to spend time with people that genuinely want to spend time with me (and I with them) because of the circumstances of life and my own personal time, no car and limited funds. So I’m checking out on that too… too many one-sided relationships and “friends” who only give a damn when its convenient.

If you are my friend you’ll understand this and be like “hey I know Wes, I understand, it’s OK.” Others may fall into the category where they try to see whats wrong and reach out, but it’s not gonna work. And then the last group will either not care or will probably think about how shitty I am as person, so eh, whatever. Oh yeah, I forgot… that’s if this even gets read. LOL

I feel like there’s much more updating to do, but I really don’t like that I even wrote this post and I’m not trying to put too much out there ala Joe Budden. LOL

The funny thing is, I’m really not mad and I don’t harbor any ill-will towards anyone, but I’m just sick of shit. Maybe, I’ll get over this quick and nobody will like me anymore. Ha, that would be some great medicine…


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