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Jalin Roze-Taxi/TPN-Hooka and Orange Juice

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Yay! A post that isn’t a dry column from the Kernel!

So I have been totally lazy and a bad blogger of late. There’s no denying it… well the aspect of the blog that probably has lacked the most is music aspect. I used to try to get in all the songs I heard and liked, and then the big videos that made major hip-hop blogs, but I’ve gotten lazy with that too.

But the other day a friend of mine hit me with his video so I’ll post and maybe I’ll get back to work:

Jalin Roze is a dope Louisville emcee that I’ve known for a while. We worked together at the movies years and years ago. I hadn’t seen him since shortly after I we stopped working

together and then one day he popped up at my apartment. LOL. Turns out my roommate at the time (Tarik Patrick) is his manager/part of his production/creativity team. As a matter of fact he has a short too worth checking out, too:

Like I keep saying, I’m not going to make promises about what I will and won’t do, but I’m trying and you’ve gotta give me some credit.


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