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Biding more time

Previously on WhatWouldWesleyDo: Back!!

I should be posting regularly so soon it hurts. Till then here’s another mega dated episode of the podcast…

Well wait, in the interest of branding, I’ll tell you about my new blog first. It’s a lot more focused, structured and sensical (and it’s for a grade) so I will have to post more frequently for that particular blog. It’s a journalism blog designed to explain reporting tips, journalism ideals and principles, and media interpretation, in order to help educate readers on what it is they are ingesting.

It seems like a pretty good undertaking, because I haven’t found anything exactly like it and apparently blogs can help people get jobs. Anyways, check it out: everydayjournalism.wordpress.com. It is boring and plain right now, but I’ll add some life to it as things smooth out.

What is colorful, fun and riveting is the podcast… make sure you hop on that ASAP, STAT and all those other quick acronyms:

You’re the best, otherwise you’d be reading something else!! 🙂

Check out the new blog when you get a chance and enjoy life till I find you again.



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