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Wesley wouldn’t leave you without knowing what he would do

Previously on WhatWouldWesleyDo: Labor Day Getaway

It’s been 2½ years since I last blogged for my own personal site. Why am I back now? Fairly simple: I’m alone.

I live in a city away from everything I know. All I do is work, run, play basketball, eat, sleep, watch sports, movies, anime, and shop. It isn’t an unpleasant existence, but it definitely isn’t peachy.

So now I’m trying to recover my sanity and this blog again seemed like a good idea.

I’ll go back to being the guy who posts his random thoughts, but I also plan to be more focused and measured. A multitude of things have been on my mind and I haven’t really had a way or place to share them. I’ve been bottling up so much since I left Kentucky from a farewell piece I’ve penned in my mind, to thoughts about national issues and big stories. I’ve been silent for too long on a lot of stuff.

I can’t go back to blogging as regularly as I did before because I’m much less self-involved (I think :/) and I don’t have the time. I do want to do this at least once every week or so to get some things out and maybe reconnect with people on some level.

I’m no longer concerned with whether people read or who sees this (I have to care so much about hits for work, it doesn’t matter what happens with the blog), so I’m hopeful that in seeing an unpackaged, unguarded Wesley, you’ll understand a little better about me. Apparently, if I do more thoughtful and open pieces, it’s supposed to help whoever reads it too, so I’m going to pretend like this isn’t just about me on that level, too.

Most posts will probably be short like this, but I’ve got at least three worked out in my head that will take half an hour to read, if you have the time that is.

And with that I’m back.


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