Another Podcast down!

Previously on What Would Wesley Do: Where have you been Wesley?

Some how another podcast is done! Actually it’s not a somehow, it’s much easier to ramble and record than it is to be thoughtful and write. I’ll get back to it soon, but it could be a while…

This podcast is absolutely hilarious. The co-host @PopeSnogginheim and the homie @mariohsonice teamed up with the conversation dominator and we went in. This podcast will definitely offend/ruin my ability to get women ever again, but it’s worth it. Check it out:

I’m planning on making a comeback of sorts in 2012. Got some things in the works and want to make a big splash here soon. So look forward to more podcasts, hold out hope for more blogging and then a few little surprise along the way. (No, I’m not planning on impregnating anyone).



Where have you been, Wesley?

Previously on What Would Wesley Do: An outdated post about something nobody cared about in the first place that is now totally irrelevant eight months later

I’ve not blogged since May 2010… it’s December 2011. So what has happened in that time? I got an internship with the Courier-Journal, lost my job at the hospital that allowed me time to blog and write for the Kentucky Kernel, I stopped writing for the Kernel, and sold my soul to Amazon… sort of. Here’s the last thing I did before I went under:

^^^^That was a video me and my Chips Quinn classmates Marie and Sophia did as we were learning multimedia. The training was fun, interacting with my teammates was funner and having the knowledge is the illest thing ever… it helps me do stuff like this:

^^^^Hopefully you enjoy and hopefully I stay up on this blog thing.

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Lupe Fiasco-I’m Beaming + good news

05/10/2010 3 comments

Previously on WhatWouldWesleyDo: Kobe, you lose <<<< Image wise the worst thing I’ve seen in a long time.

I’m gonna be short again. Partially because I’m three weeks late and partially because I need to go to bed. It’s 3 a.m. and when it gets to be this late Matchbox 20 starts playing in my head.

I love this video, mostly because it’s ill and it’s positive, but also because it gives imagery to the song. Link after the jump for those without the song.

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Kobe, you lose

Previously on WhatWouldWesleyDo: Wesley on Why… <<<< Anytime I say something I may or may not people to see via the internet, I always say something right after to cover it up LOL

I’m gonna be really brief again here.Kobe Bean Bryant did an interview with the Los Angeles Times during a fashion shoot. He took pictures. (There’s an interview too… I can’t read it because the pictures are too hilarious). (Just in case you missed the first link)

Kobe should thank the LA Times for making him look worse than ever:

Raven Alfandor Los Angeles Times

But wait there’s more… Read more…

Wesley on Why…

Previously on WhatWouldWesleyDo: Jalin Roze-Taxi/TPN-Hooka and Orange Juice

This one is gonna be very short and I’m definitely gonna piss people off with this one, but at this point it doesn’t matter. Read more…

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Jalin Roze-Taxi/TPN-Hooka and Orange Juice

Previously on WhatWouldWesleyDo: Why politics can be a problem…

Yay! A post that isn’t a dry column from the Kernel!

So I have been totally lazy and a bad blogger of late. There’s no denying it… well the aspect of the blog that probably has lacked the most is music aspect. I used to try to get in all the songs I heard and liked, and then the big videos that made major hip-hop blogs, but I’ve gotten lazy with that too.

But the other day a friend of mine hit me with his video so I’ll post and maybe I’ll get back to work:

Jalin Roze is a dope Louisville emcee that I’ve known for a while. We worked together at the movies years and years ago. I hadn’t seen him since shortly after I we stopped working

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Why politics can be a problem…

04/27/2010 2 comments

Previously on WhatWouldWesleyDo: The whores need criticism too part 1

Man. I’m lazy… I think I’ll get to part two of ^^^^. It’s more real/street than the column I wrote, but has the same premise. If you want to get some work ahead done, Google Kat Stacks.

Anyways, as a politically inclined guy (to a point), I kind of keep up with certain things. Well, for whatever reason I missed out on the Kentucky Senate race until Spring Break. I knew what was going on, but I didn’t quite have my finger on it the way I did other stuff. So I stewed over a few ideas and finally came up with this column. I didn’t really go too technical or get too deep into the politics, but I’m happy with the final result:

Senate race lacks clear direction, sense

April 27, 2010 by Opinions · 1 Comment (Edit)

Column by Wesley Robinson

Call me crazy, but I believe in the democratic process — but day by day, it seems like, I get another reason to loathe the process.

I tend to give a longer leash than most. I can take bad politicians and abuse of government because I know at the end of the day their inability to do adequately do their job will be the demise of the politicians who choose to take that route. Read more…